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Heating and air conditioning financing

Heating and air conditioning financing can be the easiest way to pay for an unplanned expense like replacing your air conditioning system.

It seems like when your AC system goes out, it is always at the hottest or coldest time of the year. And it makes sense, that is when you are going to notice your AC system is broken, or not working as well as it should. That’s most likely because it is at those times of the year when your AC system is working the hardest.

Unfortunately, that may not work out as the best time for you to pay for a new system.

Newer systems are less expensive to operate over time

Because of advances in technology, today’s air conditioners are much more efficient than systems that were designed and manufactured even as recently as 10 years ago.  That generally means a newer ac system is going to be much less expensive to run than an older system.

But those savings are down the road and you need to pay for the new system today. Right?

Heating and air conditioning financing can be the solution

Getting a new ac installed does not mean you have to pay up front. With heating and air conditioning financing available, we can install your new, more efficient AC system today and you can pay for it over time.

So replacing your AC system does not have to set you back financially. You can make low monthly payments over a term set by the lender to make it much more affordable to replace your system.

How to know when it is time to replace your AC

This is not a simple answer unfortunately. There are a lot of reasons that your AC is not heating or cooling your home as well as it should be. Anything from an inexpensive part on a circuit board to frozen coils can be the cause of your AC blowing hot.

So when your AC is not working like it should, you should call a professional to diagnose it and figure out why it is not working at its best.

Be sure to call an expert

At Cunningham, we are proud to say that the person that comes out to diagnose your problem is going to be a highly trained AC repair professional. Not a salesperson.

Our technicians are not paid a commission, so they have no incentive to quote you a higher priced service than you need. Their only goal is to provide you with the best option to getting your home comfortable again.

Sometimes that means replacing your AC. Sometimes it is an inexpensive part, like a capacitor. Only a professional should tell you that.

This should not be considered a DIY project

With all of the home improvement shows on television and the internet these days, sometimes it feels like a homeowner can tackle just about any repair themselves.

That is not the case with your AC system.

Please, do not open your AC system and try to diagnose the system yourself.

AC systems run on very high voltage and are dangerous for anyone to work with that is not trained.

What is the APR for AC financing?

We offer hvac zero percent financing to qualifying customers. That means that no interest is paid if your loan is paid in full within the agreed upon period, with regular monthly payments.

How to apply for heating and air conditioning financing

We work with Carrier for financing HVAC systems. So if you are interested in applying for heating and air conditioning financing, call us and we can walk you through the process. We are one of the local hvac companies that offer financing.

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