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Home Heating Oil Replacement

If you are looking for home heating oil, consider switching over to an electric HVAC system instead. Electric AC systems are much more efficient than heating oil. They also generate a cleaner product. That’s because they are not burning oil to create the heat. They also only require you to spend money when you use them. Unlike heating oil, where you have to guess how much oil you may need at the beginning of the cold season.

Changing your home heating oil to an electric HVAC

This can actually be a lot simpler than you might expect. The new system can often go in the same location as the old home heating oil system. But it can deliver heat efficiently to other rooms in the house. So say good bye to to that super hot hall closet! Many of the houses that were built in the Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach and Port Orange areas are set up to convert easily to a ducted AC. That is because they often have a central hallway that leads to several rooms. Installing a duct system and plenum in that hallway allows for good distribution of air from the HVAC system.

Savings of electric versus fuel oil

Another plus for having an electric HVAC, is that it is only costing money when you turn it on. Unlike home heating oil, where you have to buy oil in advance. That is more costly because you never know if you are going to use that fuel or not. If it never gets cold again that winter, that oil may go to waste. An electric AC system costs nothing when you are not running it. Plus, it can also cool your home in summer. Fuel oil definitely can’t do that!

So before you go refilling that old tank, call Cunningham for a free estimate on replacing your system. It may save you money in the long run. And as an added bonus, a modern HVAC system will add to the value of your home.