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Ormond Beach

Ormond Beach is a fun and lively town on the beach front of Volusia County, full of many residents. It is part of the Halifax Area of Florida and included in the Daytona Beach Metro Area. The name Halifax Area, also un officially the Fun Coast, refers to the River next to this clump of cities. Ormond Beach is a prime choice for families and retirees alike. Located near to the Ormond Loop Preserve and the Florida Inter coastal, there are many parks and outdoor areas to explore. Residents enjoy easy access to The World’s Most Famous Beach, and many famous sites, just a few miles away. As a result, Ormond Beach is a fun city, with lots of good food, family-friendly things, and quality schools. 

The City of Ormond Beach does a lot to ensure that it is a nice place to live. Top-notch schools, good weather, and fun events are just some of the many reasons the city gives to live here. The City takes care of its people and values them greatly. People from all over the country come to Ormond Beach in search of a good life for their families. There is a fun and lively circle of people here.

Ormond Beach History

The City of Ormond Beach is overseen by the Timucuan in the 1500s and is later settled by Quakers in 1643. The Spaniards later took over in 1704 after the Timucuan Chief raided and killed most of the Quaker population. The city’s namesake, James Ormond I settled there between the years of 1783-1817 at the Damietta Plantation. He is replaced by his son after his passing, James Ormond II who moves back to the plantation 3 years later. He ran it from 1920-1929. His son, James Ormond III returns many years later after the family left the plantation when James Ormond II died. His friends, fellow plantation owners, convinced early pioneers to name it after the James Ormond family.

There are so many relics that still remain of those early days. One such place is Bulow Plantation Ruins, a monument to the sugar industry in east Florida. Located off of the Ormond Loop trail, the ruins are still somewhat intact. The James Ormond Tomb Park is named after the first James Ormond, in his honor. The Mount Moriah Baptist Church, built in 1911, provides a place of worship for the descendants of former slaves. Freemanville was a colony of former slaves that settled here after the Civil War.

Ormond Beach Here & Now

“The Birthplace of Speed” as the town slogan makes it clear that Ormond Beach offers a rich and wild history. Being a fun, lively atmosphere for people of all ages, it’s not a shock. With the World Center of Racing just a few miles away and the original NASCAR track —the white sand beaches of Ormond— it’s clear to see why. The pride runs deep, even into the food culture. Eateries such as Racing’s North Turn show the love that Ormond Beach has for its history. 

Not only that, but easy access to many colleges means great learners flock here as well. Not to mention the city is almost directly between Orlando, and Jacksonville, there is truly something for everyone. Certainly, this allows residents and tourists to enjoy world famous sites such as Disney World, only an hour away. Being in such a prime spot makes Ormond Beach the small town choice for people who want big city fun. Therefore, it is a vast place within Central Florida. It is held up by a stable and vast locally-owned business network, just like Cunningham. In short, there are so many fun things to do, inside and outdoors. With all kinds of facilities, state of the art shopping centers, and restaurants it is a cool place. Likewise, with lush green areas, there is never a dull moment. 

The Great Outdoors

Ormond Beach is home to the Ormond Loop Preserve and Bulow Creek State Park, home to the Fairchild Oak. The Oak is one of the largest in the southern U.S. and is centuries old. It is so massive that heavier branches have gone under ground and re-sprouted as new trees. The stretch of Old Dixie Highway where the oak resides is among the last remaining stretches of the highway system. Once vast and long, the Old Dixie Highway stretches from Miami to Chicago but has been absorbed by newer roads.

The City is also situated close to natural areas just outside of its limits such as the Washington Oaks Garden. In addition, we have Hontoon Island, Rose Bay, and much more. Being so close to Daytona Beach means there are also many rooftop restaurants and bars nearby. Especially for those who wish to grab a drink and enjoy the sun or the night sky.

The Fun Coast

There is no doubt that the City of Ormond Beach has many cool features. As a result, making it is the perfect place for anyone in C. Florida to call home. With great public and private schools, and access to higher learning it is a great place to raise children. With so much to do, it’s no wonder its city motto truly reflects the culture within its borders. There is no place like it.

Ormond Beach has a rich and diverse history but is always striving for progress. Cunningham Heating & Oil is proud to be a part of that progress. This wonderful place is an honor to serve, and we look forward to continuing to serve this city.