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Propane Gas Frequent Filler Card

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Whether or not you use a lot of propane gas, our Frequent Filler Card will save you money. That’s because we give you one free fill-up for every twelve fill-ups of a 20 gallon tank or larger.

Everyone knows propane is a great way to heat a backyard barbecue grill or outdoor kitchen. But propane is also a clean, efficient and economical way to do a lot of other things. It is a great way power your home’s ac system or run other appliances like a whole home generator. Here are some advantages and uses for propane gas.

Propane BBQ Grills are efficient

The most common use for a 20lb tank is outdoor grilling. That’s because most grills have space to accommodate that size of propane gas tank. A medium sized grill uses between one and two pounds of propane per meal. So a single tank can be used to cook eight to twelve meals before needing a refill. That means if you grill out two to three times per week, a Frequent Filler card could add up to a free tank in a year or less.

Propane Gas is Clean

Substituting propane for other fuels such as gasoline or diesel fuel is an effective and cost efficient step toward cleaner air. That’s because Propane is a clean fuel. Using propane instead of other fuels reduces greenhouse gases and other air pollutants. That’s why many commercial warehouses use propane powered forklifts.

Propane Gas is American

Propane production creates a lot of jobs in our country. Over 145,000 workers across the U.S. are employed in propane related jobs.

It’s Abundant

America produces plenty of propane. In fact, the U.S. is the worlds leading producer of propane. Propane is an abundant and clean-burning fuel. So it’s an excellent alternative to gasoline and diesel.

So start using more propane, it’s clean, efficient, and abundant. Then get a Frequent Filler card and save money while you’re at it.