Whole Home Generators

We have had a fairly active hurricane season the last ten years or so, and more and more often we are experiencing extended periods without power. Often in the hottest months of the year. Be prepared for the next hurricane season. Install a whole home generator in your home. The next time we have a power outage, you will be comfortable in your home. You’ll have a working AC, hot water heater, refrigerator, lights, tv and internet.

Whole Home Generator advantages

More Power. Most of us already have a small generator capable of running a handful of necessities like the refrigerator, some fans and maybe a window unit for the bedroom. The advantage of a whole home generator is that it will power the entire house, even your central AC, so you have cool living quarters, refrigeration, and hot water throughout the entire event.

Auto Starting. Most portable generators are hard to get to in a corner of the garage. They’re heavy and difficult to move. And often don’t want to start on that first (or tenth) pull of the starter cord. By comparison, a whole home generator is permanently installed in a hurricane rated concrete slab. They are permanently wired directly to your breaker panel. When the whole home generator detects a loss of power it will automatically turn on and take over for the utility lines coming in.

They will run for several days on a single tank of propane. During most weather events gasoline can be hard to find even before the storm arrives. Avoid the anxiety of finding gas every day or two. These generators run on a large tank of propane that you can fill months in advance, and the generator will provide power to your home for several days or more before requiring a refill of propane. And you won’t have to go out for the propane, we will deliver it to you.