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Whole Home Generators

Recent storm seasons have been fairly active. As a result we are seeing more days every year with no power. Often we have no power in the hot months of the year. That’s why we have whole home generators.  Install a whole home generator now, and next storm season you will have power. That means you will be comfortable in your home, have a working AC, hot water, fridge, lights, tv and internet.

Why Add a Whole Home Generator?

More Power. Most of us already have a small generator that is 5000 kw or so. That means it will run the fridge, some fans and maybe a window unit. A whole home generator is like that but has much more power. Much more power means that it can run the entire house. So your AC System will work like normal. As a result, your whole home will be comfortable, not just a bedroom. Your fridge will run. There will even be hot water and a working kitchen!

Auto Starting. Most portable generators are hard to get to in a corner of your shed. They weigh a lot and are hard to move. And they don’t want to start on that first (or tenth) pull of the start cord. On the other hand, a whole home generator is always next to your house, fixed on a hurricane rated concrete slab. They are wired directly to your breaker panel. That means when the whole home generator detects a loss of power it will auto start and take over for the power lines.

They will run for days on a single tank of propane. During most storms gas can be hard to find before the storm arrives. And once the storm has passed it is even harder to find. Avoid the anxiety of finding gas every day or two. These generators run on a large tank of propane that you can fill months in advance, and the generator will provide power to your home for days before needing a refill. And you won’t have to go out for the propane, we will bring it to you.