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Need your propane tanks filled? Visit Daytona Gas and Grills on US1 in Holly Hill

Propane Filling Station in Holly Hill, Serving all of Daytona and Ormond Beach as well

There’s no easier place to get propane tanks refilled.

We’re different than most other propane refillers in Daytona Beach, Holly Hill and Ormond. That’s because at many other places around town, you have to carry your propane tank across a large parking lot. Not at Daytona Gas and Grills. We have a drive-through refill station! That means you can get your tank refilled without even having to pick it up. And if there’s a wait, you can come into our grilling and propane showroom. We have smoker chips, fire pits, outdoor heaters, grills, and a whole wall of grilling accessories.

Propane tanks house a clean and efficient fuel

Everyone knows propane is a clean and efficient way to heat a backyard grill or outdoor kitchen. But it is also a clean, efficient, and very economical way to do a lot of other things. It is a great way to heat or cool your home, or power your appliances. That’s due to the high efficiency and low cost of using propane instead of other fuels.

Sign up for monthly service and you’ll never run out propane again.

We can keep in ground or above ground propane tanks full with our Keep Full Service. If you are on our Keep Full Service, you are scheduled on a monthly route to your home or business. We come monthly, check the level of propane in the tank, and top off the tank as necessary. That means you never have to worry about running out. Cunningham has straight forward, no surprise pricing that will keep you going all year long. You can also lease your equipment from us so you have one thing less to worry about maintaining.

Lower your energy bill and get reliable home delivery from Cunningham Today!

If you are considering adding a propane appliance to your home or business, please consider calling us. That’s because we can pipe the job, install a tank and hook up the appliance. You can also either lease a tank or purchase it outright, because our goal is to make it is easy for you to enjoy the advantages of propane!

Save money with our Propane Tanks Frequent Filler Card.

Are you regularly filling tanks with propane gas? We have a another great way to save you some money. Get our “Frequent Filler Card” and get a free refill after you fill up 12 tanks.

From 20lb cylinders to 500 gallon propane tanks, we can do it at Daytona Gas and Grills in Holly Hill.  So if you are in Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach or Holly Hill and need a propane tank refill, please come see us at Daytona Gas and Grills. We’re on the corner of 2nd Street and US1 in Holly Hill.

Many of our competing propane tank fillers in the area do not actually fill the tank al the way, they only fill it partially. That is to keep the price down. If you compare the prices for filling propane tanks at our Holly Hill facility, you will see that they are a much better value than most of the gas station and big box stores around town.

And with the additional LP gas that we are filling propane tanks with means that our customers do not have to disconnect their tank and bring it in for a refill as often. And everyone knows you only notice that your tank is running low when you are about to use it. Save yourself the aggravation of finding a low or empty tank right before you are ready to fire up the grill. Come to Cunningham and get an easier filling process, and more propane on every refill. You don’t think you will regret it.