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We send a certified AC technician, not a salesman!

If you are out online searching for air conditioning service and repair, or air conditioner repair service near me, or even hvac repair near me open now, chances are, your air conditioning system is not performing as well as it could. Or maybe it is not working at all. If that is the case, considering the weather here in Volusia and Flagler County, chances are your home is not very comfortable at the moment. Considering our summers last for most of the year, chances are your house is hotter than it should be, and you probably want your air conditioning service and repair taken care of right away. Well that is not a problem, because…

We offer same day air conditioning service and repair

That’s right, whether your home is too hot or too cold right now, we know you want it fixed and back to comfortable as soon as possible. That’s why we do our very best to get someone out there the same day you call. Often we are there within a couple of hours.

And because we send a certified and highly trained technician instead of a salesman, our goal will be to fix your system as quickly as possible. Not to suggest the highest priced service that we can. You see, our technicians are full time, salaried employees that do not work on commission. so their only incentive is to provide the best solution to your air conditioning service and repair situation and get it fixed as quickly as possible.


Air conditioning service and repair on any brands of residential and commercial heating and cooling units.

Air conditioning service and repair FAQ:

How much will it cost to repair my air conditioner?

The only way to know what the cost for your air conditioning service and repair call is to have a technician look at the system. That said, it may be a simple repair like a blown fuse or other inexpensive part that can be easily replaced.

Is it worth it to repair an air conditioner?

Several factors will help determine if it is worth making an air conditioning service and repair decision, versus replacing the unit. The main factor is the consition of the unit. If it is in good shape and is likely to have several more years of operation, then air conditioning service and repair makes sense. if it is going to continue to break regularly and need replacement in a short time anyway, your technician will recommend considering replacement air conditioners. And don’t worry if your finances were not planning to replace your ac, we offer financing hvac programs.

Why is my AC running but not cooling?

There are several reasons why this could be the case. The easiest reason to address can be done yourself. Take a look at the filter. Is it clogged with dust? Then you may have such restricted air flow over the cooling system, that it will not blow cold air. I this case replace the filter with a clea one and that may solve the problem.

If the ac filter is wet as well as being dirty, that restricted airflow has likely caused ice to form on the cooling system. If this is the case, turn off the system, remove the filter and wait for it to thaw out. Your system probably has a pan underneath it to collect water that may drip out of the cooling system when this happens. be prepared to empty that pan as the system thaws, or you could risk water damage to your home.

If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, call Cunningham for an air conditioning repair service call. We can de-ice the system for you.


What is the most common AC repair?

There are several things that can cause an AC to stop working that must be addressed by a technician. Your air conditioning system is a high voltage appliance and can be very dangerous to tinker with.

There are a couple of things a homeowner can safely check themselves though.

Probably the thing we see most commonly that can be addressed by the homeowner, is a dirty filter restricting airflow, or a clogged condensate drain.

See the FAQ above this one if you have a dirty (and or wet) filter.

Air conditioning systems cool the air by removing moisture from it. That moisture goes into a small pipe called a condensate drain that leads outside of your home. Sometimes that pipe will gert clogged and cause the system to shut off. If you think that might be the case, sometimes putting a shop vac on the outlet will suck out the blockage.

If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, call Cunningham. We can clean the condensate drain.


So if you are having problems with your ac, call Cunningham for your air conditioning service. From Flagler to Ormond Beach to Edgewater, we can usually get there same day.

We don’t think you will be disappointed.

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